Martin Week 3 Blog 3 ( Final Blog)

During this week in class, the question came up “What exactly is a soul” and it caused some conflict in the air amongst us classmates. Some were saying we all have souls and others were disagreeing. Personally, I believe we do not have souls, it raises question to me what is the difference between a soul and a spirit or a soul and a heart? Someone brought up in the class saying everybody who is born has a soul because once we die our soul either goes to heaven or hell, which can lead to a debate on if there really is a heaven or hell. The answer to if we really have a soul all depends on your faith, I think it all depends on the way you were brought up and raised. People are always going to have different answers and views when it comes to stuff relating to religion and faith. People should believe in what they want because I do not think there will ever be an answer for this type of question. It does make a great debate though, maybe in your next class you can split the class up and set up a debate on this topic, I’m sure it would be very interesting to listen too


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