Martin Week 3 Blog 2- Class Overview

On the first day of class I was a bit nervous not gonna lie. When I was going through the course outline and saw much work there was my first thought to myself was “I need to drop this class and fast”. I decided to stick it out and what a smart move that was by me. I have never really had a more discussion based class where everyone was involved it was always the lecture type where I always catch myself looking at the clock to see how much time was left, it was not the case for this class at all. I can honestly say this is by far the most I have participated in a class since I have been at St. Norbert College, maybe because there was no shortcuts for this class or really I think the material just interested me to the point where I wanted to share my thoughts on things with my classmates. I also really liked how the class was set up in a circle, it gave everyone a chance to open up and feel more comfortable while talking and participating. Having a teacher who is very understanding and has a fun sense of humor always makes class more enjoyable, in which it did in this case. I had fun these past few weeks in class, even though it was a lot of work , I am glad I stuck through it. .


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