Martin Week 3 Blog 1- Group Project

At first glance when I was assigned to my group I felt a bit nervous because I did not really know anyone , but after a few quick meetings I felt much more comfortable and realized what a good group we are together. When we picked Oda, we knew it was going to be a challenge but we were still up for the work. We put a lot of time in researching on Oda and yet time after time we came up empty handed on material about her. There was one point where we were all a bit nervous on how our presentation is actually going to turn out with the limited amount material on Oda we had. Even though with limited resources we still managed to put together a pretty neat and informative presentation and powerpoint. Even though it was a lot of hard work and time consuming , looking back now on the project it was really a lot of fun. I feel I made some new friends with in my group which is pretty neat. I feel if you get along good with a group of people the work is always going to have a higher quality. This project is something I recommend in the future with your other classes for this course because I feel our whole class enjoyed it.


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