Martin 14th Century

Jimmy Martin

14th Century

The 14th century is a century responsible for a very broad range of events. The planet began a massive transition in climate starting from the “Medieval Warm Period” to the “Little Ice Age.” The 14th century is also responsible for famous wars and the beginnings of famous empires.
Only a couple decades into the 14th century, England and France began a battle over the French throne that would carry on for over a century, earning its name “100 Years’ War.” The battles were on and off through out the decades, but France would eventually win the war and keep control of the French throne.
From the Revolt of the Ciompi in Florence to the Peasant’s Revolt in England, Europe was never at rest, no one was happy and the lower class was finally starting to fight back to gain a voice and rights in their country.

The Little Ice age did a lot more damage than your common cold, the ice age may be responsible for the start of the Black Death. The transition in climate caused changes in the agriculture and the way people ate and carried out their daily diet.The Black Death was a massive epidemic spread throughout europe. It is formally called the bubonic plague, and has been to have been the reason for the deaths of one third of the world. The plague wiped out countless amounts of towns and reached various countries. The plague was extremely contagious and could be caught by contact. People wouldn’t make it longer than three or four days before they painfully coughed and bled to their death. If the estimates are true, this plague made a drastic impact on not just a country, but a world’s progress. Looking into it, people have realized how our current population is most likely affected by the butterfly affect of twenty million people missing only a couple hundred years back.

In conclusion, the 14th century has had a huge impact on our population today, with out the plagues twenty million deaths the current population could be larger by hundreds of millions of people. France finally gained its right to their throne and still exist today because their huge win. All of these wars revolts and plagues also played a huge role in leading into the start of the Renaissance in the late 14th century.


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