Martin Week 2 Blog 3- Reading

This week the reading of Oda caught my attention more so then the other readings. Reason being that I found it so interesting what she put herself through just to stay faithful and honest to God. She was so committed to her religion she put God in front of everything including her family. It did not matter what her father told her, she did what she thought was best for her relationship with God. She went so far to the point that on her own wedding day she took a sword and cut part of her nose off just to look ugly so that no man would want to sleep with her. 

I know it was a completely different era back then but I just feel as if no matter when generation you lived in people had to believe that this type of behavior was crazy, even if she was doing it for Christ. I know this type of behavior would put her into a mental institution if she was doing this lifetime but you really never know how people would go for there Religion. For example, suicide bombers think that they will have 9 wives once they get to Allah, and that heaven will accept them for what they did. I guess it really all depends on your faith, but who am I to know. Its just my opinions.



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