Martin Week 2 Blog 2- Saint Norbert Abbey

This week we had the majority of our classes at the Saint Norbert Abbey, which was an place I have yet to see but heard a lot about. It was good getting out the normal classroom and changing up the daily scenario but being there really made me think about my faith. The Abbey is a beautiful place and it was good just to just take a few minutes each day to try and become closer with God, whether it was while walking around or sitting on the couch and saying or prayer.

I was really unaware on how many people actually went and supported the Abbey. Before going there, I thought it was more of a convent for the priest. While I was there, people were walking in and out at all hours of the day. It is really great on how open they are to the community and especially us St. Norbert students. I could definitely see myself driving over there one day just to get away from the outside world in the near future.


One thought on “Martin Week 2 Blog 2- Saint Norbert Abbey

  1. Sally Stamper says:

    I’m glad the time at the abbey was productive for you – and you should certainly go back when you want a little peace and quiet.

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