Martin Week 2 Blog 1

Jimmy Martin

Week 2 Blog 1

Earlier this week, we spit up into groups and talked about the different readings that were assigned for that day. Personally, for me I gained a lot more insight of what was actually going on. In the groups, I feel as if everyone has something to say where as if were talking about it as a class someone may be to timid to talk in front of the group as a whole. It was good hearing different peoples opinions inside my group. It as if we almost had a mini debate going on amongst us.

Sometimes while reading, I am absolutely lost or raise questions to myself. For instance, while reading Oda, I kept thinking to myself I hope I’m not the only one who thinks she is crazy. Luckily when I brought it up while going over the reading with my group they too thought the same thing. I just feel the class as a whole benefited from going over the readings in small groups first then to talk about it as a whole, because after we came back from our groups I feel as if everyone was more engaged in the discussion and had something to say which made the discussion fun to be apart of.  I know there is only 4 more classes left but maybe for future reference it would benefit the students better.


One thought on “Martin Week 2 Blog 1

  1. Sally Stamper says:

    These are very helpful comments for me, Jimmy: I will take them into account for our remaining classes, as well as for future reference. I will say, too, that one reason the group discussions worked out well is that most (all?) of you took the discussion time seriously!

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