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Jimmy Martin

Blog 1

Today In class, I brought up the topic of why is it that the Catholic Church will not allow women to be considered priest and teach us the message of God each Sunday, compared to why is it Christian based churches allow women to have there own ministry. It has been on my mind ever since class ended and I wanted to just share some more of my thoughts on the topic.

Catholicism focuses on religion, which is legalistic and filled with rules that no longer match the world today. The Catholic religion is losing members because they focus on rules rather than a personal relationship with God. Christians use the word of God (The Bible) as our mirror and instruction as how God wants us to love. God does not discriminate against women; he looks at the heart of everybody. There are many great female Christian Pastors such as Joyce Meyer, Paula White and the most successful Joel & Victoria Olsteen who is brining the word of God to masses each week. Christians believe we must accept Jesus as our personal savior & invite him in our heart in order to enjoy a relationship with him everyday. He is always with us, and the Holy Spirit guides us here on earth day by day.

I feel more and more people are wondering off towards this type of religion and relationship with God instead of the same traditional Catholic Church life style.  I feel that the Catholic Church needs to make some changes in the next years to come or else they will be in big time trouble, whether it is allowing priest to have an family or allowing women into the priest hood. It is just my thoughts and ideas on this but I feel some change is needed in the Catholic Church.

Jimmy Martin

Blog 2

The short movie we watched it class today on Hildegard was very helpful for me. After last nights reading I was some what confused, but after watching the film it gave me a better understanding on what exactly what was happening back then. Hildegard was a very passionate person and stood up for things she believed was right, and for that I respect her.

For me, seeing a visual after the reading always helps me understand the material better in each way. I gained more sense of how passionate Hildegard was for her beliefs, at any point in time she could have been killed for being considered crazy and making false statements up. Yet still, she had no problem confessing to higher authorities on her images and visions she was having. I just still can not get over on how the priest treated the nuns, it was almost as if it was a master vs servant type relationship. I feel like God would not have wanted that to go on and yet it still kind of continues on today.

Luckily, Hildegard was not killed for her visions and beliefs. She lived a long successful life and started her on nunnery of Bingen. Through her works we gained a better prospective on how life was for a women with such high religious beliefs back then and we also get to go back and reflect on all of her poems, songs, books and also images.

Jimmy Martin

Blog 3

The readings for the first week of class were very interesting. Entering class, I really did not have a clue on what exactly I was going to learn about but now after reading so much material on all these different women I find myself almost rooting for them. I just can not get over how much pride these women had for themselves and for their beliefs. They were willing to risk there whole reputation and sometimes their life just to have their voices heard outside of there group. It just takes so much pride and faith in order to do that, personally I do not think I would be able to do that, especially during a time where women were looked as next to nothing. This material is starting to interest more and more each day and I look forward to next week’s readings as well.




One thought on “Martin Week 1 Blogs

  1. Sally Stamper says:

    Thoughtful posts, Jimmy! I’m glad to see you engaging with the materials like this.

    Formatting tip: If you make a “new post” for each of your weekly blog posts (instead of all three posts running together), I’ll have a clearer sense of when you’re posting (ie throughout the week or all at the end).

    Also: it will be helpful to me if you can put your remaining annotated biliographies and century report on separate pages instead of making them as blog posts.

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